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Healthy Quail Flocks

Egg-laying Coturnix Quail

Corvus Farm has a sizeable flock of Coturnix Quail. These speckled brown birds are really sweet. And if you enjoy a quail egg on your sushi, then you know why these little guys found their way to the farm.

They mature pretty quickly and can start laying eggs in as little as 8 weeks. And they’ll lay at least an egg a day, much like chickens.

The male Coturnix has a distinct “crow.” But unlike the familiar “cock-a-doodle-doo” of the chickens, which everyone recognizes, their crow is a high-pitched trill that, if you listen closely, sounds like them yelling “Corporate Greed!”

I can’t tell you how many quail are on the farm, and I can’t tell you anything about their individual personalities. They’re fast little birds. And apart from some chest feathers distinguishing males from females, they look pretty much identical. But they are charming and quite sociable. And their constant cooing and trilling, and the encouraging “Corporate Greed!” crowings add a delightful element to the farm.

A distinct Crow

“Unlike the familiar “cock-a-doodle-doo” of the chickens, their crow is a high-pitched trill”
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